In this lesson you’ll learn what is Destination Broker and what is A Destination Broker. You’ll also learn how you can become one.

What is Destination Broker

  • It’s not a system.
  • It’s not a program.
  • It is a concept.

All of your real estate agent recruiting programs and systems should be built around the “Destination Broker” concept.

What is a Destination Broker?

  • Every agent has one!
  • It is simply where you would go hang your license if something happened with your current broker or office.
  • Ask yourself right now – if your current office shut down, or your current broker screwed you over – where would you go?
  • Every agent has had to ask themselves this question at some point in their career.
  • Some more than once and many will have to do so in the future.

Know these facts about real estate agents:

  • Successful agents will not leave an office they are happy in (comfortable) unless something changes in that office to make them unhappy – pushes them out of their comfort zone.
  • Money is never really the issue or the answer.
  • Although agents will use money (commission split, perks, etc.) as the logical justification for their decision to move – the real decision is made emotionally and only later justified logically
  • They want to be happy!

Here are some math facts:

  • The average life cycle of an agent is 3-4 years
  • This means that 25-30% of all agents will move office each year.
  • This needs to be adjusted for agents leaving the industry and new agents coming in as well.
  • So for planning purposes about one out of five productive agents will move offices each year.
  • If you want to recruit 50 agents this year – you need to be working at least 250 of them and since you can never get them all – 500 is more likely

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