Events are actually free and easy if you know how. All large successful brokerages hold events – they are by far the most effective way to recruit and increase transactions. If you want to grow and be a large brokerage you must start acting like one. Training, Recruiting, Lead generation – there all types of events that you can hold, that will bring you more agents, more transactions, and most importantly – more dollars! This is realtor marketing 101.

We are talking about seminars in this video. You should be doing one per month. The primary goal is always RECRUITING. Run a CE class, first time buyer seminar, investor seminar.  This also gets you community outreach. This is a great way to get HUD contracts.

Successful Brokerage Events: How-to

  1. Select your audience: agents, buyers, investors, short sales. first time buyers for HUD.
  2. Choose a topic appealing to that specific audience – just one audience per event. If you solve these problems for everyone, they will do anything you want:
    1. Make my life easier
    2. Take away my pain
    3. Make me more money.
  3. Choose location
    1. Central – easy to get to.
    2. Highly visible
    3. Plenty of parking
    4. Classroom seating – tables and chairs are best for educational events.
    5. ALWAYS have food an beverage service.
  4. Choose date – this depends on your audience.
    1. AGENTS: T, W, Thu am or Friday afternoon works best. 3 hours (try for CE)
    2. CONSUMERS: Evenings 7-9 pm – no more than 2 hours or Sat. am 9-11 am. Always have lender there to prequal folks.
  5. Get sponsors – this is an EDUCATION event. Give them the mic if it fits the format. You’ll get repeat sponsors with a regular monthly schedule:
    1. title/escrow
    2. home warranty companies
    3. lenders
    4. attorneys
    5. accountants
    6. insurance agents
    7. home inspectors
    8. contractors
    9. Lowes/Home Depot
  6. Marketing and promotion

You’ll have to listen to get a secret, helpful tip about HOTELS!

Typical mistakes are covered with advice on how to avoid them. We’re talking about AV, WiFi and free pens!


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