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Email: Sloppy habits are costing you a lot of money.

A recap of what we are driving home in this lesson: Professionalism is important Amateurs [...]

Sales Closings: Reduce to the Ridiculous

One of my FAVORITE “CLOSES” ...because it almost always works. Typically used to bring a [...]

Sales Closing: The most important close of all.

The MOST important close of all and should be taught first to ALL agents, sales [...]

Sales Closing: Defer and Forget

With this close, you learn about the "Defer and Forget, or Let Me Make a [...]

Sales Closing: Last Resort

WARNING: This video has one word of profanity 5 times. If you are sensitive to [...]

Sales Closing: Ben Franklin

Ah, the Ben Franklin. Not Mike's favorite, but one you should know and understand because [...]

Sales Closing: Just ask already!

Listen, you can circle around, poke at the heart of the issue, sit around and [...]

Sales Closing: Assumptive

This is exactly what is sounds like – just keep right on going on the [...]

Sales Closing: Jump-shift – Switching Topic

Sales Closing Series: Jump-shift aka Switching Topic Change the subject. One of the goals with [...]

Sales Closing: Hat in Hand aka “Level With Me”

Sales Closing Series: Hat in Hand "Level with me." The key with this close: be humble. [...]

Prepare for HUD 3.9: Part 2

This is the SAME information as before with HUD 3.7 - but we are starting [...]

20K Per Month Profit With a BPO Department

Build a profit center by establishing a BPO Department in your brokerage. If you set [...]

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