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Our Story

Everything you need to know – but no one else will ever teach you!

I have been an Owner/Broker for over 25 years and the reality is that while there is plenty of great training out there for agents – there is virtually no effective or comprehensive training for actual brokers and real estate company owners.

It simply does not exist! At least not in any way shape or form that I ever found to actually coincide with reality.

Yes – there is some training out there for actual Owner/Brokers provided by a few private coaching companies and even some training from the franchises, if you happen to own one. Some of it was helpful, but again – it certainly wasn’t what I really needed as a broker, nor was it what actually made me successful.

I have owned both independent and franchised offices, as well as franchise regions. I have also been invited to teach and lecture for some of the major real estate coaching companies. I have taken their courses as well as taught them. In my experience through these courses, everyone was always extremely filtered and danced around the real truth – afraid to hurt someone’s feelings, or worse yet – the material and information was so censored for either legal purposes or personal gain from those presenting it, it was basically useless to me or not even really in my best interests to follow it.

Mike Krein - president of NRBA, FreeBrokerSchool founderIn other words, a lot of what I was taught by these so called experts I was paying a lot of money to was in their best interests, not necessarily in mine as an Owner/Broker.

The reality is that I learned this business the hard way – by making every single mistake in the book. (Sometimes more than once!)

When I owned my real estate offices, the other brokers were my competition. I certainly wasn’t going to help them by sharing what I knew, anymore than they would tell me their secrets. The real estate brokerage business is tough and extremely competitive; most of us have to figure things out on our own.

That is where came from.

  • I am now a “retired” Real Estate Broker. I am out of the real estate business – I now own a software company.
  • I no longer own any offices; I am no longer affiliated with any franchises.
  • I no longer compete with anyone in the real estate brokerage business.
  • I am now free to share what I have learned with others and hopefully help you to become as successful as I was.

There is no agenda here – there is no hidden interest – other than I own a software company and if you like what I have to say and I help you maybe you will consider using my software. That’s it – no strings!

Here on this site we are going to teach you everything you need to know to be a successful real estate broker. What works and what doesn’t, and more importantly how things really are.

No one is selling you anything here – everything on this site is not only 100% free for you to view – and you are also free to download and use any of our material and presentations and even share anything we have. (Many brokers are now using some of our material to train their own agents as well – that’s great! (But please be careful what you share)

No promises. No B.S. Just reality!

We are not “politically correct,” and you may get your feelings hurt. Too bad – we are going to deal with reality. The real estate business is tough; it’s even tougher when you don’t have a clue what you’re doing. So here is what you really need to know.

Broker School: “Everything you need to know – but no one else will ever teach you!”


– Mike