This is part two of this topic. In this video we explain your role and relationship with your agents as it pertains to training, production, and recruiting. Remember that your agents are constantly being bombarded with information – both good and bad. Either you are telling your agents what they need to know or someone else will. This includes recruiting! Are you the one telling the agents about you and your company or is your competition telling the agents their version about you and your company?

If you missed Part 1, watch it now.

Your agents only know what you tell them

It’s about creating culture.

Each and every single day there is another broker in your market offering bigger pay, a bigger office, a bigger split to steal them away from you. Know this, your agents are always being bombarded with recruiting attacks from your competition. You need to have a strong retention program to make sure they stay with YOU. These are more than real estate recruiting ideas; they are real estate agent retention ideas.

You want your agents better equipped, better informed to make you all more successful. They don’t have time to do the research and stay informed. You need to do that for them.

How do we maintain full-time contact on a part-time basis? Here are 10 easy ideas at less than an hour a day.

  1. Twice a day, get out of your chair, out of your office and walk around the bullpen and talk to your agents and your staff. Stop and say hello. Remember the names of their kids, birthdays, etc. Talk to them about their deals.
  2. MOTD: Message of the Day – automated email each morning. It can be anything – but it’s from YOU. They need to know you are there for them.
  3. Daily Emails or a combo of these- check the headlines and pick the most relevant to them to encourage them and educate them.
    1. DS news
    2. Housing Wire
    3. National Mortgage News
    4. Realtor News
  4. Congratulatory Emails – whenever there is a new listing, contract, closing – SEND THEM AN EMAIL. Send some of these ROCK STAR EMAILS to all staff. This validates their efforts to all FROM YOU.
  5. Set HELP hours.
  6. Open Door Policy – Exceptions are confidential meetings and phone calls. WARNING: Agents can be time vampires!
  7. Take an agent to Lunch – or group of agents. You all have to eat.
  8. Weekly sales meeting – always a training opportunity. Consider having handouts out ahead of time for after the meeting, or send them out the day before the meeting.
  9. The Starbucks run – see how long it takes you to remember their favorite drink.
  10. Weekly Workshop Q&A


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